Zain To A Wonderful World

Yesterday was the final rehearsal of the awaited Eid play, Zain to a wonderful world. Which is inspired by the story of Oliver Twist. A final rehearsal is the first time for the play team to combine all the scenes thay rehearsed before, and do a complete show, just to check if any fixes or adjustments are needed. So is that clear now? Okay let’s get to the important part..

I LOVED IT! I really really really did from the heart!

The decoration was mind blowing. And the great acting quality was such a nice surprise. The direction, the lighting, the music, everything was perfect. Great attention to details. It just forces you to engage with everything going on that stage. There really wasn’t a dull moment, the actors were all over the stage all the time running around, dancing and singing.

I really don’t know how I can convince you how much of a must-see this play is. But it REALLY REALLY REALLY IS A MUST SEE! Doesn’t matter how old you are. I mean it was supposed to be for children but I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. I promise you, you have never seen a similar show in Kuwait before.

Grateful to Mohammed Al-Muhaini for the invitation :)

I’ll leave you with the photos. Of course I didn’t take photos of all the scenes. I was too into it that I forgot to take ones at times hehe.. So here you go..

Take a good look at this phrase above. After watching the play this phrase would be stuck in your head for the next two weeks :P

And here’s the teaser for the play..


Tickets are available at the ice skating rink.

For more info. about the show timings and tickets pricing call 90007774

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