Windows 8 Leaked

A very early version of Windows 8 has been leaked from the Microsoft labs for everyone to see/download. It basically looks like windows 7 with a few changes. Though I think the Windows 8 will look much different than the screenshots when it’s officially out next year.

Have you noticed the irony in the desktop wallpaper that Microsoft chose for their beta product? 😛




  1. I just wish the make a stable operating system without any bugs & i know no matter how hard they try they will have bugs.


    • If they make a perfect operating system they will not have anything to work on next 😉


  2. Windows 8 will, if Microsoft’s hardware partners come up with good designs, provide business users and the huge community of ‘content creators’ with a tablet-sized device that has a full touch-based user interface, an ability to run standard Windows productivity tools and business applications, and the ability to connect to, and communicate with, a plethora of computing peripherals.


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