Ladies Of Kuwait.. A Message From A French Fashionista

A while ago I received an email from Catherine Membré. a french lady who owns an atelier in France where she designs and manufactures handbags. Her bags are distributed in France, England, Japan, & Switzerland and now she would like to introduce her pieces to you ladies, in Kuwait.

Now I went through her website and I can tell you that the bags have a classic design. Yet they still pop out from the rest out there. Why? The attention to details.

I’m a very detail oriented person. When I look at any product (Clothes, bags, furniture, etc..) and notice the smallest details had been thought of, it gives that product a whole new value to me. What do you think gives the high end fashion lines their value? you can find replicas of almost any designer piece on the shelves of high street shops. But it’s the details and amazing finishes that make the original piece so special.

Atelier Catherine Membré currently concentrates on a tote bag called Vehla. A basic shopping bag with a luxurious twist. The bag is “as beautiful inside as outside”. Made from Liberty of London cotton and lined with quality silk. The seams are enhanced to make the bag stronger. The high quality materials are very clear in the close up picture. Beautiful prints and colors ❤

Add smart to the bag’s description. It apparently has a clever design. When you are not using it. It can be folded on itself and made into a small silk envelope. That’s great for storage. Check out how..

And voilà!

How would you style such a piece? I liked how This blogger did. She contrasted biker studded boots and leather shorts with the feminine handbag.

You can see/purchase the Vehla bags, or read more about Catherine and her passion on


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