Bloggers Campaign Against Download Caps

Today marks the start of the #Q8Cap campaign. People and bloggers from all over Kuwait are making their voice heard determined to change the recent download limit rule that all internet companies planned together against us the consumers.

Internet in Kuwait is already a mess. With slow speeds due to the fair use policy. You can’t really know what speed you are paying for when you subscribe to any of these companies, because they simply have the right to take out as many Mbps from the original speed. Without any limits to how much they can take out. And for no obvious reason.

People never made any objections. Despite the slow speeds and high prices everyone kept on paying quietly. But to enforce download caps? On top of your already sucky service? That’s pushing it too far. A very bad decision. The genius group of people who brainstormed this idea should be all fired really.

Make a consumer mad and they will lose their trust in you forever. And you made thousands of consumers mad, to the point where they started a rage campaign against you.

This campaign is not only for bloggers. It’s for every internet user in Kuwait. Go onto Twitter, use #Q8Cap hashtag, and tweet whatever is in your heart. Make your voice heard. Or spread the word over Facebook. Get your friends to join the campaign. The bigger the campaign the more impact it will have.

To stay updated about the current situation and ministry decisions regarding the caps issue. I suggest you check out Kuwait Anti Bandwidth Cap Alliance blog.

See all the bloggers who participated in the campaign so far on Hornet Blog




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