“Extinct” Rainbow Frog Rediscovered After 87 Years

You are looking at the first-ever picture of a rainbow frog. A species of toxic frogs that was last seen 87 years ago in 1924, and was never photographed until now. The rainbow frog was only known from a black and white sketch drawn in the 1920s. So you’re really witnessing something magnificent here.

The frog was rediscovered in the jungles of Sawarak/Malaysia, two meters up a tree. 3 frogs were found then, a male, a female, and a baby *aww a little family*. The team who discovered it has been looking for months (the frog was put on the list of suspected-extinct species in the last few years). They studied similar frog species to estimate the whereabouts of the rainbow frog. And they finally got it right.

It puts a smile on my face to know that this little guy has been secretly surviving for almost 90 years. Welcome back little fella.

Via National Geographic

Thank you Subzero 🙂




  1. Thats a great news but i just hope they try to preserve it from extincting again. We all know how humans r harming the environment.


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