Kuwait The Second Most Peaceful Arab Country

According to the 2011 Global Peace Index (GPI), Kuwait is the 2nd most peaceful Arab country, and the 29th in the world.

The number 1 most peaceful Arab country would be Qatar, which also ranks 12th in the world.

The rest of the gulf countries rank as the following..

  • United Arab Emirates: 33 in the world
  • Oman: 41 in the world
  • Saudi Arabia: 101 in the world
  • Bahrain: 123 in the world

As for the world’s most peaceful country.. That’s Iceland. Followed by New Zealand in 2nd place, and Japan in 3rd.

The least peaceful countries in the world are Somalia, ranking in 153 place (Last place), followed by Iraq in 152 place, and Sudan in 151.

The rankings are determined based on many statistics. Here are some examples (For Kuwait)..

You can view an interactive map of the world to check out every country’s ranking and the factors that put it there by clicking here

(Zoom in on a country, then click on it again to see its statistics. To zoom out click on any black area on the map)


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