Kardashian Suing Old Navy For Using A Model That Looks Like Her

Looks like Kim Kardashian is always on the hunt to get some news headlines. She is currently suing Old Navy for using a model that she says “looks like her” in an ad (watch it above) without giving her a percentage of the profit. She thinks the ad has cost her $20 million.. Very bad move, Kim.

Unless every brunette with long wavy hair is considered to look like Kim Kardashian, the model looks nothing like her to me. She is much prettier and skinnier than Kim.

Such a greedy center-of-attention-wannabe drama queen. Why is she even famous? She doesn’t sing or act. She isn’t a model. I don’t understand. And I certainly will not Google it to find out.




  1. If she’s going to be suing everyone who tries to look like her then she’ll be suing half of the Kuwaiti girls :p

    and i agree .. the girl in the ad looks nothing like Kim nor even trying to be like her.


    • lool I agree. If Kim ever visits Kuwait she will have found herself a new pot of gold 😛


  2. Go Kim Go!
    This woman is so clever! She knows exactly how to make herself famous by keeping her name in the news. She is a master at getting people’s attention and creating publicity.

    In these days, you don’t have to have talent to be famous. Because people love to read about gossip instead of learning about the celebrity and his work. “Good news to them, doesn’t sell.” – Michael Jackson.


    • That’s unfortunately true. Bad publicity is still publicity. And that’s what she cares about. Though this piece of news is costing her many supporters.


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