Successful Robbery In Dubai Caught On Tape

This robbery happened in Wafi city mall in Dubai and the target was Graff jewellery store. It dates back to April 15, 2007 but it’s still a very interesting story to share. The Serbian gang of jewellery thieves drove into the mall using two stolen cars, smashing the windows and driving inside, they reached the jewellery store and smashed the display windows, threatened the staff with guns (which later turned out to be fake), and walked out with watches and jewellery worth over Dh 14.7 million (about KD 1.09 million). After fleeing the scene, they burnt the stolen cars to get rid of any evidence. But the Dubai police could still recover DNA samples from the cars.

Two weeks later, the first suspect was caught after trying to collect the stolen jewellery from a car that was under the police surveillance. He then led them to two more suspects, one was still in the UAE, and one had already fled to Serbia but was handed over by the authorities of his country to the authorities of the UAE.

Now the most interesting part..This wasn’t the Serbian gang’s first heist. They actually had a long history of successful robberies in different countries dating back to 1993. They were nicknamed the Pink Panthers. Because one of their operations they hid a diamond inside a jar of face cream, resembling an act from the movie ‘Return of The Pink Panther’.

You feeling an action-movie-like-story yet?? It’s like you will suddenly find Jason Statham jumping out of your screen any minute now 😛

This gang actually ranks 2nd in a list of “10 Truly Successful Thieves” on Listverse. Check out the whole list here



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