Back To The Original Look

I actually forgot how bright my blog used to be lol. BUT.. it’s temporary. I have many many plans for the blog. Currently looking for a creative web designer to see if they can turn what I have in mind into reality. Hopefully everything goes smoothly.

If you know any great web designers,  please do recommend 🙂



  1. after one week my design will finish .. wait for it and if you like it let me know so i can hook you up he is a very creative one and won’t cost you alot


  2. Well the best web designer that turn ur idea into reality is u.

    Don’t pay someone to do something that u can do ur self, with some basic HTML u can create what ever u have in mind.

    Plus some web designer just steal some themes and shows u that it’s theirs so u better just design it ur self. WordPress theme forum is a good place to start


    • I would rather that I do it myself for sure. But the problem is that my idea is kind of a hard one. So I will see if I can learn enough to make it.


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