New Burger Chain Soon In K-Town.. Smash Burger

Smashburger is apparently America’s fastest growing “better burger” restaurant. And now it’s expanding to the middle east with plans to open 6 Smashburger locations in Kuwait, 3 locations in Bahrain, and 8 locations in Saudi Arabia. The first two locations are opening next year.

Now what makes this a first-timer here in Kuwait is the fact that they never use frozen burgers. Instead, for every individual order a new burger is literally made from scratch. Angus beef is “smashed”, seared, and seasoned right on the grill.

You can make your own burger choosing the ingredients yourself, or you can choose from one of their innovative signature recipes. Including a unique burger for every country that highlights the distinctive flavors of that country.

They also offers chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, salads, milkshakes, and a variety of signature side dishes.

It actually seems exciting. I love restaurants with new concepts. The most popular thing to do in Kuwait is eat out. So opening up new restaurants with the same old ideas and decoration is getting pretty boring.



  1. I think there are others that do not use frozen beef in Kuwait. That being said, I can’t wait to try it. We have Smash in my hometown of Houston, Texas but haven’t tried it yet. And I use their smashing technique at home on my homemade burgers 🙂 oh yeah and Shake Shack does as well, see my link:


    • Never knew that about shake shack. I surely hope Smashburger wouldn’t be as crowded though. Then we can forget about trying their burgers


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