Bloggers Union – 2nd Meeting

The bloggers Union meetups are becoming my absolutely favorite events. Let me tell you why..

The blogging community in Kuwait is one of a kind. They are the most educated, the most active, the most supportive, the most positive, and the most enthusiastic about what they do. When I was a newbie (and I sill consider myself one), they embraced me and helped with everything I needed, even without me asking for their help. And by time I found myself falling in love not only with blogging, but with the whole blogging community. It just humbles me and makes me proud to be a part of this. You guys really are life-changers.

Now enough emotional talk or I’ll start crying πŸ˜›

Let me point out that the whole idea of the Bloggers Union would have never happened if it wasn’t for His, Q8stig, and Omarker. Botamba has been a great help as well. So a big fat THANK YOU from the heart for those guys. For all the efforts they have done to bring the bloggers together. The meetups have rather felt like family gatherings. It was really heart-warming.

The event was held at the Movenpick Royal Suites Building/ Free Trade Zone. The bloggers were first welcomed by Lana AL Rasheed, the Director of Marketing and sales in the Royal Suites Building. Then the mic was handed over to His and Q8Stig. Who both did a great job with their speeches.

There was a big chat screen for everyone at the event to interact without the boundaries of being shy or whatsoever. It was a very good idea. At the last union everyone was just minding their own business trying to hide their shyness lol. But this screen made it easier for everyone to talk to everyone.

The buffet was all made by different small businesses in Kuwait. In an attempt to support such businesses, the Bloggers Union will be featuring different new brands in every event.

Mama Pamela’s Juice was my favorite part of the buffet. They looked to fresh and tasted great.

Kiwi Bakery

Gelato Italiano ice cream.

Pick Yo frozen yogurt. The best frozen yogurt I tried so far.

There was also food from Crunchy but I didn’t get the chance to take any photos because I waited everyone to finish from the buffet not to bother anyone. But by that time all the food was GONE lol. Bel3afya guys πŸ˜‰

Q8Stig has a much better detailed post about the participating businesses, read it here

The above picture is from 7ajiDude blog (They have a perfect coverage of the event. Check it out here.)

We had a very fun contest. We were all connected to a network with our phones and we had to give the fastest answers to questions about the bloggers.

I got a score of 8. Got one question wrong. The “how many writers are in 360Dewan?” I knew there were many as I read their about us page before. But I could only remember Caffienated, itsallgood, and brownsugar hehe.

Then there was a raffle and BlogLaish won a Blackberry. May you wear it out bel 3afya πŸ˜›

And that was it. The 3rd meeting will be in 2 months inshallah. And I’m really looking forward to it!



  1. too i didnt make it Y.Y been here in London over a month now, hopefully i’ll be there for next meeting, shakla more fun than the initial meeting


    • It is getting better and more fun everytime, inshallah next time you will join us.


  2. Glad that you had fun, and wish to see you in future events with the rest of the bloggers.
    We are still open to any ideas and inputs if any blogger have something to share with the rest.

    Stay in the nation..


    • inshalla I wouldn’t miss it. If I have any suggestions I’ll make sure to let you know πŸ™‚


  3. I’ve never heard of blogger meet-ups before, but the idea seems so nice. =] As a new blogger myself I’d love for there to be something similar in my area, but I’m not sure there is.

    The photos you’ve posted of the food and drink look divine!!


    • Well Kuwait is a small country and blogging is not very popular, so it’s not hard for active bloggers to know each other. If you know enough bloggers in your area then you should definitely pursue the meet-up idea. It would really enrich your blogging experience and introduce you to wonderful people.

      Thank you πŸ™‚


  4. To0 Bad Missed It..
    Sure U Had Great Time..
    Looking forward upcoming events..
    and to meet u in person πŸ˜€


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