Mandatory Psychological Training For Engaged Couples In Kuwait?

The Kuwait Charity for Family Development said that it would soon submit a proposal to the parliament to make it mandatory for couples planning to get married to have psychological, social and legal training.

“The requirement would be on the same lines as the mandatory pre-marriage medical tests”, Kuwaiti daily Al Watan reported, quoting Mohammad Abdullah Al Hajji, head of the charity organisaton. Source

What do you think about this?

I’m a supporter. This can significantly decrease divorce rates that occur because of the couple’s incompatibility.



  1. im supporting this too! Coz as u said it will decrease divorce rates by teaching couples specially the young ones about marriage responsibilities & sacrifices!


  2. This is absolute BULLSHIT !!! It’s NONE and I mean NONE of the governments bussiness to get involved in such a way !!!! Just another way to INVADE PRIVACY and CONTROL the populous. But then again, this is a fucked up country anyway……


    • Another person who hides behind a tough nickname and acts all rebellious *sigh*. But I will go ahead and discuss the issue with you. I haven’t lost hope with your kind just yet.
      When divorce rates are increasing in the country it is very much the government’s business to find a solution for the problem. What is exactly invading privacy about having to take an educational course? If I go with your logic then your job training would be an invasion of privacy, marriage counseling would be an invasion of privacy as well (it is mandatory with many divorce cases, all around the world), and let’s not forget the pre-marital medical tests, that must be the most ridiculous “invasion of privacy”. But let’s see how you would feel about it if you get married and later find out you partner has been hiding an STD from you. And how does government even control populous by doing that? Training is a way to help couples actually know what they are getting into and find out if they are compatible BEFORE getting married or finding all that out when it’s too late. The government is actually working on solutions to increase successful marriages, unlike in other countries where temporary marriage has become the norm. Don’t just learn some new vocabulary and blabber it out with no idea what anything means. It doesn’t make you very bright.


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