Movie Review: Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

I’m not going to tell the whole story and ruin the movie for you. It’s about Caesar, a lab monkey whose mother was used to test a new medicine for Alzheimer’s disease. Caesar‘s mother dies and the baby monkey is adopted by one of the lab researches, who notices that the medicine was passed to the child through his mother’s genes. The medicine proves it does not only work, but it also increases the subject’s intelligence year after year.

5 years later, Ceaser gets into some neighborhood trouble, and is taken away into captivity where monkeys are severely mistreated. Then comes the time for him to use his intelligence to gain his freedom.

I can say it’s a very entertaining movie. I enjoyed watching it. Though some things didn’t make sense, but it doesn’t bore you at all. The graphics are great as well. A must-watch of course.

I wouldn’t watch it a second time though. For me it’s a type of movie that would be ruined if watched more than once.

I’d give it a score of 4/5

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