It’s Pastaaaaaaaaaaaa!

So the cute mysterious thing in my previous post is pasta! A little, colorful, adorable, pasta. The name is the cutest thing about it, it’s actually called Sombreroni! (Sombrero is what those famous Mexican hats are called)

There are other shapes of it as well.. Aren’t they all lovely😛


  1. So this is an indirect advertisement for The Sultan Center…if it’s not then why did you have to show us the tag🙂

    That’s why i don’t like most of the personal Arab blogs…
    getting paid to make an indirect ads….smart…but i don’t like it.

    Ohh, BTW, feel free to delete my comment at least you read it and you know what i’m thinking of your post🙂


    • I don’t delete any comments in my blog. Kuwait blogs are about anything that we bloggers might run into. People think that we get paid well I have started blogging about 9 months ago and I never got any money out of my blog. I write whatever I feel like commenting about. If you don’t like it. simply don’t read it🙂


      • i see that you’re an open minded person! this a rare thing to find these days🙂
        i salute you for this🙂

        In anyway, Good luck for you and PLEASE PLEASE don’t sell out like most of the bloggers do, no need to mention names in here but i’m pretty sure you know what i’m talking about🙂


        • Trust me when anyone asks me to advertise for their product it’s usually very clear in my post that it’s advertising. I would never advertise and make it look like a personal experience.


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