New Restaurant Opening Soon In Kuwait: Pintxo

Pintxo (pronounced Pin-Cho) is a new restaurant that is set to open in Kuwait by the end of 2011 in Jibla area. The restaurant comes originally from Glasgow/UK and serves contemporary spanish tapas. Turns out Pintxo is a local concept by Ahmad Al-Bader/ Epicure Group. It’s just a similar name to the one in UK.

The concept design of Pintxo Kuwait has been revealed by TKI consulting firm in Dubai. The design is based on an all-black theme with low lighting. With over 2000 cones installed above head level, each cone has a fiber-optic light that can be controlled through a central computer.

So the design seems mysteriously interesting. I have been waiting to see such use of fiber-optics here in Kuwait. Will see how it turns out.



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  1. Hello
    The concept is a local concept by ahmed al bader/epicure group.

    Just clarify the info.



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