So 22 Doesn’t Feel Old So Far

It was my birthday yesterday and I wasn’t actually very happy about it. For some reason I feel that 21 is the limit of “being young” and that 22 is the start of the “being medium” stage. I say medium because I know it’s not considered old of course. It’s just in-between.

So as I wasn’t looking forward to this day I didn’t plan anything really. I only knew about the late lunch with the family and that’s all. But turned out my family & friends had something else in mind. They threw a little surprise costume party which they had been planning for the past 10 days! And I knew NOTHING about it! (Shame on you, D!)

The day ended up being super fun. Wouldn’t have happened without everyone who has been there yesterday so a big THANK YOU to them.

What I actually realized is that I don’t feel any different. Maybe I had been over-reacting about this whole aging thing but in fact it’s not actually bad. It’s all about how you feel inside after all isn’t it? So we’ll see how this 22 thing will turn out.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. Each one of you put a wide smile on my face. The best gift to give someone on their birthday is to show them you love them. And I love you all back 🙂

The Side Talk, I love you big sis :*

I feel really blessed.



  1. happy birthday and excuse me? 22 medium stage? girl your still young! what would you say to a girl who’s reaching 30 soon?


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