Review: Burger Box

I went to try out the new burger place called Burger Box in Salmiya. It’s a local concept and they are scheduled to officially open next week. It’s just a soft opening right now so the restaurant’s design and staff uniforms are still unfinished. However, you can still order-take out either by going there yourself or by delivery (They deliver to many areas). Their opening hours are from 4:00 pm to 11:30 pm everyday.

When I arrived there I ran into the owner, who was really hospitable and energetic. Thank you Ala’a and best of luck to you inshallah.

Here’s a part of their menu to give you an idea of the prices..

Note that these prices are for the sandwich alone, not the meal. I got 4 meals for 11.000 KD. Now if I could sit and have my meal at the restaurant it would be reasonable, but for take-out, it’s a little over-priced in my opinion.

The place is small but the design is very cute. Loved the use of colors and the modern-retro mix..

And the famous “burger box”..

The meal comes with fries, onion rings, ketchup, mayo, and coke. I tried the Cajun Chicken Burger and The Burger Box, both patties and buns were very soft and tasted very good. But a downside was the lettuce and tomatoes which weren’t fresh. I hope they can work on that issue. The fries are yummy.

And here’s a map of the location.. It’s not hard to find..

for orders, contact 25757888, 25758777


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