Review: Cinemagic’s VIP Room

I went with a group of friends to try out Cinemagics VIP Room at their main location in Salmiya. It’s on the second floor on top of Al-Yousfi Electronics. You will see a panel with their logo next to the elevator.

The place is pretty neat. That’s the entrance to the VIP room at the right of the photo. You can also see a part of the reception desk to the left.

The room has 12 lazy chairs which scream out comfort. The employee showed me inside and left the room. Then I got right on a lazy chair messing with every button I see. Foot rest up, foot rest down, back up, back down..

Let’s say I just kept myself entertained until my friends got there 😛

The screen is really big. It goes all the way from the ground level to the ceiling. Perfect with a Blu-ray movie.

You need to go beforehand and choose the movie you want. You can request any movie you want, or you can choose from their collection. They have an infinite list of Blu-ray, digital, and dvd movies. I had previously picked Apocalypto. It’s not a new movie but I just love it. Though some of my friends thought it was too violent and I agree. But I don’t mind a little violence as long as it’s on the realistic side.

See what I was talking about?!..

Oh and note that the buttons don’t work unless you’re sitting on the chair. I found out about that after some time of exploration 😛

The employee comes and takes your orders. Original popcorn and coke are included with the VIP room. Caramel popcorn, slush drinks, chocolates, corn and even mini pastries are available downstairs in the small cafeteria as well. But they are not included with the room. And we had to go downstairs and get them ourselves, as the employee couldn’t understand us when we asked for the other snacks. It wasn’t a problem for us. But if Cinemagics can add those to the list of what we can order it would be perfect.

Am I the only one who thinks the way I covered my friends in the photos turned out really funny? Reminds me of that Michelin Tires guy. The one made out of tires. Remember him? 😛

We were welcomed before the show by Rami. Who was in charge of the whole thing. Thank you for making us feel at home 🙂

And that’s the movie. I definitely recommend that you choose a Blu-ray movie. You will enjoy every second.



  1. How much is it? Please provide me their # bec. Their website isnt working.. & does a security guy sit inside or ur comfy alone?


    • 25720945. The VIP room is 60 KD for 3 hours. And no the room is all yours and you would be very comfy.


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