New Children’s Policy @ Cinescape Theaters

The news we have been patiently waiting for. THANK YOU Cinescape!

The above notice was explained on Cinescape’s fb page as follows:

“As part of our attempt to stop children from ruining the movie experience of everyone in attendance, we have dismissed the FREE ENTRANCE policy for children under the age of 2 into the theaters.

Since we are awaiting for the MOI to apply the Age Rating system on the films, we are unable to impose this at the moment, and Cinescape has added its suggestive ratings on the Website & Weekly Flyer in an attempt to ensure that Parents & Guardians will respect these suggestions.

As a Parent, we kindly request that you do not bring Children under the age of 2 for various reasons. The most imporant one being the affect on the child with the loud speakers placed around the hall in addition to the sudden motion and flashing images on the big screen which we do not encourage at all!

Please be cooperative! Don’t Pay! Don’t Bring Your Child! For Him! For You! and Four Us Cinescape-ER’s!

Thanks Everyone!”


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