In-Depth Review: The New -Pick- Shop At Kuwait City

The new branch of Pick in Kuwait city has soft-launched and judging from my experience yesterday, this place is going to be a hit. Seriously people if you don’t make this place a habba then you know NOTHING! 😛

Let me first explain that the first branch in Kaifan named Pick-Yo is the frozen yogurt part of the general brand Pick. So in Kaifan it’s only frozen yogurt, but in Kuwait city it’s frozen yogurt + sandwiches, drinks, Japanese snacks like edamame and sushi (coming soon), and desserts. Of course everything I mentioned has many different sub-categories.

Oh and they deliver by the way.

First impression of the interior is freshness. The plywood floors and use of grass everywhere adds a natural look.

The indoor seating area, there will be an outdoor one as well when the weather gets better, hopefully in a about a month.

Interesting collection of magazines, Marie Claire, National Geographic, and others.

Check out those prices. Frozen yogurt for 1.500 KD in Kuwait. It’s about time already!

The concept of the shop is very simple, it’s focuses on making “yo picks”, making you pick your own goodies. You pick up one of the green little baskets and start passing by the food counters.

First are the sandwiches. Right now it’s a basic collection. But they are planning on expanding the choices to the double. You will also soon see the nutritional facts for every sandwich alongside the name and ingredients. Very neat idea for people who like to watch their diet.

Counters for the hot picks..

After the sandwiches and hot picks comes the drinks. Unfortunately I forgot to snap a picture for those. There are many things available, Ice tea, redbull, and my favorite part..Baskets of fresh fruit that you can actually pick and watch them juice it for you.

After the drinks you reach the dessert section, it includes brownies and muffins with different flavors.

Now let’s talk food shall we? I got the chance to try out the pepperoni pizza wrap, mozzarella sandwich, turkey sandwich,  beef sandwich, and tomato creme pasta.

First stop, pepperoni pizza wrap. It’s a lighter/healthier version of pepperoni pizza. It really does taste like pizza, minus all the grease. I really love the idea. It’s much more practical if someone doesn’t want to order a whole pizza by themselves. Or even a lighter choice for a lunch break.

The pizza wraps line will also be expanding. In about a week a new type of pizza wrap will be introduced. And along the next few months they are planning to have a set of 5 or 6 pizza wraps.

Next up, the mozzarella sandwich. Bread is really soft, mozzarella isn’t too salty, and the best part about it is the sun dried tomatoes. Perfect combination. And it stays fresh as well. Thumbs-up for this choice of ingredient.

The turkey sandwich. Combining turkey with fresh rocca leaves instead of the traditional lettuce. Tastes wonderful.

Beef sandwich. The beef isn’t dry at all. It also makes a great pick with the rocca leaves. And the fact that they are actually fresh is what makes it perfect for me.

Another thing about the Pick sandwiches is that they don’t look squished like other ready-made sandwiches. it really is a major factor when choosing such a sandwich. Your eyes have to eat first 😛

This is a Pick-Pack. You can choose 4 types of sandwiches and they will fill the box with your picks. It goes for 5.950 KD. This is a practical idea for employees who share lunch at the office.

The tomato creme pasta. The sauce is the key here. It’s the type of sauce that you need to taste several times to guess its ingredients. Turned out It has a little sprinkle of chilli, lemon-zest, and cheese. So you can imagine the taste. Mildly-spicy (just enough to taste the chilli, but not really spicy), and the fresh lemon taste. I also love the addition of pine nuts to the meal. It isn’t heavy either. Considering it’s pasta.

A page from the menu which I liked. I’m sure many will relate to the reasons written here..

Here’s the fresh juice. You can have a regular option of one fruit, or you can make your own mix. They had orange, carrot, kiwi, and apple.

We chose to mix orange and apple.

Finally the Pick-Yo section..

The two main flavors for the froyo are original and billberry. But the toppings are what makes it the best froyo I have ever tried. Really not over-reacting.

They have all the traditional toppings. Fruits, chocolate, oreo, fat-free digestive cookies, granola, and many many others. I was like a kid in a candy store. “what’s this? oh and that? I want these. OH wait what’s this? Okay forget about the others I want this! No no I want both, oh wait..” LOL

The frozen yogurt is available in two forms;

1- the traditional one where you pick a flavor and choose toppings to go on top of the froyo.

2- The Yo-Pick. You pick a flavor (original or billberry), and then the toppings are actually mixed inside the froyo. I recommend you try this because it’s plain addictive. And what makes it even more exciting are the options to mix your froyo with. You have the fruits or chocolates. And you also have jams and purees of unusual flavors like melon and mango. The Side Talk had an original froyo mixed with berries and added blueberries, blackberries, & strawberries as toppings.

And I had an original froyo mixed with melon puree, with granola, mango, and strawberry toppings. It was a recommendation from the super-nice owner Jassem Al-Duaij. Who is really passionate about the whole concept and really knows what he is doing. I wish you and your partner Bader the best of luck. You really deserve it.

This is how the jam/puree/toppings are mixed with the froyo, Then a spiral of original froyo is added on top of the mixed one, in addition to the toppings..

Here’s my melon Yo-Pick..

And here’s the Side Talk’s berry Yo-Pick.. it’s half eaten though. Apparently I wasn’t fast enough to take the photo 😛

The billberry flavor got me interested because I don’t think I heard of it before, so Mr. Jassem offered me to try it. It tasted so natural and fresh. And unusual to say the least.

I also tried the mango Yo-Pick. The froyo tastes like mango. The sour one not the sweet.

Everything we tried was so yummy. We couldn’t stop eating. You can tell by the amount of food in the pictures. We were only two persons and we ate all this by ourselves! 😛

Oh here’s a very interesting fact about Pick, they have the Party-Pack, which is basically a box that can hold two rows of froyo cups, 6 on each row (total 12 cups), and it can keep the froyo frozen for 6 hours inside the box. This box is actually an invention from the Pick owners. They actually have a registered patent for it! Very proud of you guys 🙂

At last, the owner gave my sister & I loyalty cards, after every 6 picks from the Pick shop (or Kaifan’s Pick-Yo), you get a small plain cup of froyo for free.

Indeed was a super experience. Nothing beats some great food.

Thank you Jassem & Bader for your hospitality. I’m really looking forward to going back. And PLEASE open up in Salmiya! *Angel Face*

Contact no. : Kuwait City 22913333  – Kaifan Mall 24914080

Pick-Yo on Facebook

Follow them on Twitter @pick_yo



  1. Hello,

    Thank you so much for your in-depth review of PICK. We appreciate every comment/feedback we have received from you.

    Best regards,
    PICK management


    • I already sent an email and am waiting for you guys to feed me back.
      i would like to know how does Pick Yo become a trend in Kuwait?, how it started in Kuwait?, who is the owner of Pick Yo?, and when was the first Pick Yo opened and where?

      Am writing an assay about it and i hope you feed me back as soon as possible and thank you.


  2. I tried the Pepperoni Pizza wrap its my fav along with tomato pasta, aaaaahhh 😛
    and the best thing you know what you eat and how many calories


    • I’m hoping they open up somewhere in the middle because both Kaifan and Kuwait city are far for me 😦


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