Color Psychology – What’s Your Favorite Color?

Red:  warning, excitement, aggression, energy, passion, love, danger

 Orange playfulness, courage, comfort, fun, youth, approachability, celebration, warmth, affordability

 Yellow joy, curiosity, playfulness, happiness, light, amusement, cheerfulness

 Green money, health, life, wealth, prosperity, naturalness, restfulness, healing

 Blue trustworthiness, successes, peace, loyalty, patience, spirituality, freedom, power, calmness, professionalism

 Purple wisdom, sophistication, celebration

 White:  purity, cleanliness, youth, freshness, peace

 Black:  seriousness, secrecy, mystery, elegance, darkness

 Pink romance, youthfulness, tenderness, innocence, sweetness

 Brown strength, earth, nature, stability, simplicity, credibility, tribal

 Grey reserved, indifference, reliability, maturity, security



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