Apps I Love: Photo Academy

This is a very nice app for anybody interested in Photography. It is actually what the name implies, a photography academy. It has tips for both beginners and professionals in a wide range of subjects.

The “How to shoot” part includes tips about shooting various objects. Animals, people, travel, sports, and macro. Each category contains sub-categories. Animals for example leads you to reptiles, aquariums, birds, cats & dogs, insects, etc..

I chose the cats & dogs and got various collections of tips such as camera settings, equipment, and creativity..

Another part of the app is “Photo 101” where you can understand more about what DSLRs are and get a detailed explanation of their settings.

Clicking the Exposure Modes in the above screen -for example- leads to this..

The app is filled with many other very useful tips that you would need hours of online search to find. Very interesting to read. Highly recommended.

Photo Academy is available in the app store for 2.99$.

Get it here



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