Dangerous Slides At The Messila Water Village

I spent the morning yesterday at the Messilah Water Village. It was fun. Would’ve been perfect if it wasn’t for all the injuries that accompanied me home. I hit my head twice. Got scraped knees and ankles. And a cut on my arm.

The first hit on the head was my fault so I won’t talk about that. The second hit was from the slides you see in the picture (found the pic online). I haven’t used them in a long time because I remember they hurt. When you use these slides you need to lay tummy-down on a blue mat, you slide head-first and you are given instructions to lift your head up right before you hit the water. And that’s the hurtful part. I think there’s a flaw in the slide’s design that you come down really fast then hit the water almost horizontally. The water strength is unbelievable it just pushes your whole upper body backwards. And with your head lifted up the push is diverted to your neck. It really can break someone’s neck if they had weak bones or even if it was just a normal skinny person or a little kid. After surviving the slide you need to watch your arms and legs and keep them stuck to your body. Because a very smart person thought that in order for people not to collapse with each other when reaching the water, there should be separators made out of concrete and covered with sharp tiles, and those separators don’t have any rubber or anything that can cover the sharp edges.

The other slides (not in the picture) are what gave me the scraped knees and ankles. Every slide is made out of pieces that are all screwed together and there’s nothing to fill the little empty space between every piece.

The cut on my arm is from the edge of the river-pool. Which also has the same exposed sharp tiles.

The water village did improve this year with the staff attitude and the renovated painting on pools and slides. But why isn’t there any attention to the safety issues? Is it just me or did any of you who went there before notice the same things?



  1. First of all Salamat.

    Welcome to the horrible engineering design and bad quality finishing πŸ™‚

    If u look closely u will find alot of engineering mistakes & bad designs every where.


    • I do notice a lot of such flaws everywhere. But I thought when it comes to safety there is no room for error. Silly me lol


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