Introducing: Not Yet Vintage is a new online shop that is dedicated for vintage goodies. You can either buy stuff from the store or sell your own things. Here’s a brief about how it works:

“Not Yet Vintage is a community for vintage lovers.”

Buy products or Sell your own products through us, whether new or a bit used, we do it all for you and all you have to do is RECIEVE.

People acquire products that may be used or still brand new, but instead of throwing them out,or keeping them in storage, you can make $$ through us!!

If you haveproducts which have prospects of being vintagy, (having that classic flair),contact us through our HELP page or, and within 48-72 hours your products will be available on our website, for the whole world to see!

The process is so very easy:

  • 1. You price your product/s and send them to our office.
  • 2. We determine their condition.
  • 3. If we think they are NYV, you’re in! Off to hair and makeup they go!

We photograph your products, market, and ship them off! If your product/s isn’t sold, you have the option of getting it back. Can we hear a Win-Win anybody?

If you have anyquestions please email us at
As always,‘Beauty never fades, it only goes vintage.’

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