Two Indecently-Dressed Girls Disrupt Traffic On Gulf Road

I just came across a piece of news titled “Two pretty girls disrupt traffic in Kuwait” here . Apparently two girls stepped out of their cars on gulf road wearing “indecent” dresses and walked seductively between the cars to cross over to the other side. It caused traffic to build up for almost half an hour, with young men stopping and whistling. I don’t think the girls took half an hour to cross the road, so my guess would be that they were going back and forth across the street waiting, until a guy came in a 4×4 car and picked them up.

I took the liberty to change the article’s title from “pretty girls” to “indecently-dressed”, because pretty girls don’t stop traffic. Only indecently-dressed ones do. And a girl wouldn’t dress indecently unless she wants to draw attention. Usually because her face doesn’t help that much (not that her body does either).

So the girls are cheap. And the men who were stopping are even cheaper.

If I were there I would’ve ran over the worthless girls and solved the problem for myself and the other drivers.


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