The McDonald’s Experiment In Kuwait

I found this video for a guy in Kuwait showing a McDonald’s burger that he bought on August 27, The video was filmed on September 22, so that’s nearly a month and the burger looks as good as new. I was interested about this as I thought Mac was the healthiest out of the bunch. So I Googled, and what I found on the internet kind of changed that impression.

For example here’s a photo showing two hamburgers,one from Mac (left), one home-made (right). After 11 days, the homemade burger is covered in mold, and the Mac cheeseburger is intact:

Link to the full article

I also found another experiment ( link ), also with a McDonald’s happy meal, 180 days and both the burger and fries look the same.

So how much time does a McDonald’s burger actually take to start rotting then eventually decompose??

I still think McDonald’s is the cleanest junk food in Kuwait, but it’s far from being the healthiest though.




  1. yeah forget it
    no multi national campany cares about ppls health or the effecets on the environment
    all they care about is money
    money $$$$$$
    so they do every thing they could to minimize the losses
    why would they want food that will easily rotten
    sad but true
    these co operations are selfish and only care about money


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