Help A Little Boy Keep His Leg

Abdulkareem is a 13 year old boy who was diagnosed with cancer in his knee and it’s spreading to his body. He needs a knee replacement surgery which is not performed in Kuwait, it can however be performed in Jordan at the cost of 30,000KD. His family do not have that amount of money and the only other option is for the doctors to cut his leg off.

His leg amputation surgery is scheduled for next week. So we need to find someone who would be willing to take care of the expenses of the knee replacement surgery as soon as possible.

I just know for a fact there are people out there who are willing to help, but we must do our best to make Abdulkareem’s story reach them. Please help spread the word. You might be the reason to change this boy’s life.

If you find someone please contact me asap on and I will pass it to the people involved.

Thank you Danderma for passing the story to the other bloggers. God bless you.

The picture is from PinkGirlQ8



    • God be with him and his family. I have high hopes about this inshallah somebody will help.


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