The Lion King 3D In Cinescape Theaters October 13

I CANNOT wait! I suddenly feel like watching all those childhood movies all over again. I think I will be getting them soon. Maybe the little mermaid, and Pochahontas 1 & 2.

It will not only be The Lion King re-released in 3D. Disney also has the same plan for all their cartoons. Beauty and the Beast. The Little Mermaid. Finding Nemo. Monsters Inc. etc..



    • Don’t like 3D either. But the whole idea of watching the Lion King at the cinema is so exciting! 😀


  1. I’m like BananaQ8, I don’t usually like 3d movies but the 3d aspect to The Lion King really brought a lot to the movie. Especially scenes such as the stampede that felt like they were originally intended for 3d.Thanks from Lion King Tickets London for this post and I’ll be back to Froyo Nation in the future


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