Picture Of Steve Jobs’ Syrian Biological Father

Steve Jobs’ biological father, Abdul Fattah Jandali, shown here with German-Swiss biological mother Joanne Carol Schieble, never met his famous son. The 80-year-old Jandali, a Syrian immigrant from Homs, lives and works in the U.S. state of Nevada.

Read the story of Steve’s father here



  1. Bloody tossers aren’t even worth having their pictures shown. Neglected their son for so many years after giving him up, and now want the limelight because Steve became a billionaire. No wonder he didn’t even spit on this sorry old bunch of gits. I may not know the whole situation but i find it astonishing that the parents never knew about their own son until he became famous.


  2. I don’t necessarily appreciate the fact that they gave him up as a child. But the father is known for rarely agreeing to talk to the press. He never met his son and he never asked to meet him. I don’t think he ever tried to benefit from Steve’s money or fame.


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