Presenting: The Floating Villas Of Dubai

Palmerstone and Donald Starkey Designs have joined hands in venture called Atoll Floating Islands, to create the wonder floating island home, ‘Ome. This floating island home will be meant to travel between the shores of Dubai and the World’s Islands.

The islands/villas will have a dual deck format, which will be at least 32 meters in length. The lower deck will have the living spaces, totaling to around 1,400 square meters of living space. It will have facilities like the open air lounge, swimming pool, bar & dining area. The upper deck will have 5 bedrooms and relaxation area for the owner of the island home.

There will also be a waste management and energy management system. Each Ome island-home will self-treat all its waste, and use renewable sources of energy.

The first ‘Ome should start construction in 2012 and will be offered with completed finished, customized, high specification interiors for delivery in 2013.

If you have your eyes on one of those islands, then you should also have some extra $22 million that you don’t need. Because that is how much it will cost you to become an owner of an ‘Ome island 😉




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