Pippa Middleton Wore Too Much Make Up?

I saw this article on RadarOnline about how Pippa Middleton went overboard with her make up at a charity dinner on Thursday. They described her make up as “shocking”, “a heavy amount of eyeliner”, and “blush color that is too bright for her”.

I can’t help but to wonder what words would the guys who wrote that article use if they see this..


Dreamy? Fascinating? Bloody hell? You decide 😛

Side Note: Why does the hair extensions look like they came off a broom?



  1. I think she should try Lamsat Fan Salon :ppP

    somebody needs to shoot all gals that go out like that :p


  2. hahaha, i love how you compared the photos 😛 but u see, the thing is her make up is a bit wrong, y3ne it doesnt suit her and its so eighties make up, i seriously didnt know its her , she looks completely different


    • I think she was trying to achieve a whole Geisha look with that dress. But the make up does look badly applied. She probably applied it herself. But turned out she’s not exactly an expert at it


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