What You’ve Never Seen About Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk

Redditor wiserton27 says: “Whenever Michael Jackson does the Moonwalk, I never look at his feet. I look at his neck… You should too.”

Now I can’t even look at the feet anymore. My eyes are automatically drawn to the neck lol



  1. True. Also, the trick is not to do it for a long time nor repeat it, or else it will give away the illusion. 7alat.ha bs a few steps backwards.
    I taught myself how to Moonwalk 2 years ago. 😀
    How about you D? Can you Moonwalk too? It gets much easier with practice!


    • I tried it for the first time after your comment. And I don’t think I can moonwalk no 😛


    • Trying to figure out how his legs move is hard even when u stare at them in slow-motion!


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