What People In Kuwait Google The Most

One of the many tools of Google which is called Google insights actually allows you to see what people have been Google searching in a certain country, during a certain time. I used it to see what the people in Kuwait (that’s you) search for the most.. I used different time periods and it’s fun to see how people’s interests change over time..

For example, in the past 12 months, the #1 rising search term is Twitter. Which actually makes sense as Twitter did become sort of a habba in Kuwait during the past year..

Narrowing down to the past 3 months, The #1 rising search shockingly changes to مسلسل بنات الثانوية  (a controversial tv show that was broadcast during Ramadan)..


The past month, #1 rising search is Steve Jobs, expected.


As for the top searches, they always included Kuwait, Facebook, YouTube, Google (yes, THAT many people actually google Google), yahoo, download, الوطن (Al-Watan) , and العاب (games).

If you choose different years, you would reach the era before Facebook. When Travian, forums such as Kuwait777 and Q8yat ruled the internet in Kuwait lol.

In 2005, Bluetooth actually ranked #3 in the rising searches. I guess it was still not very popular or something? People were curious to know what bluetooth is? 😛

Try it yourself www.google.com/insights/search



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