Kim Kardashian And Her Husband Splitting Up?

The rumor surfaced a few days ago, after Kim’s visit to Dubai, it has been said that the couple has been living separate lives and that their relationship is not going so well. Nothing was confirmed though.

Last night Kris Humphries was photographed leaving the hotel in which the couple are residing in Manhattan, carrying move out boxes, which doesn’t necessarily imply him moving out. But what caught the attention of the press is the missing wedding ring on his finger.

It’s only been two months since their wedding. Not to mention that Kim go a million dollars for her wedding tape alone.. Just saying.




  1. no they are leaving NY m she said in twitter that last night was their LAST NIGHT in NY they are going back to LA and her sister too


    • Well that explains the boxes. But he’s not wearing the wedding ring. Maybe just a coincidence?


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