Bloggerettas Night Out With Best Al-Yousifi

Yesterday BEST Al-Yousifi invited us for a girls night out at Kei Japanese restaurant in JW Marriott hotel. We were hosted by Amtar Suhail, Ahlam Qunaibi, Abdulaziz Al-Yousifi, and Omar Massouh. Such nice people.

Dinner was served in a Bento box, which contained several types of goodies..

Maki; salmon rolls, veggie rolls, and california rolls..

Shrimp and veggie Tempura..

Spinach with sesame and peanut butter sauce (left), chicken and veggie rolls (right)..

Tofu and chicken..

We were asked whether we’d like a normal fork and spoon or chopsticks. While some girls wanted to practice their chopstick-eating skills, I asked for beginners’ chopsticks. I don’t have the time to mess around during eating time. Eating time is eating time! 😛

The meal was concluded with sesame ice-cream..

After dinner, Abdulaziz Al-Yousifi -President of BEST- had a little chat with everyone about BEST and their future plans. He also listened to many suggestions and took notes with everything.

It was a fun night overall. Thank you BEST for having us. Waiting for that invitation to Japan 😛

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  1. Glad You Enjoyed … this was your short trip to Japan then why do you need to travel :P..
    nice seeing you and accepting our invitation ..


  2. bl3afya, food looks delicious
    Abdulaziz alyosifi is one of the friendliest guys in k-town (one of the best management systems)


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