Dubai Airport Launches SnoozeCubes

10 SnoozeCube units have been installed next to Gate 122 at Terminal 1 at Dubai International Airport. Each of the accommodation units contains a full-sized bed, a touch-screen television, as well as high speed internet access. Most importantly, the units are connected to the airport’s flight information system to ensure that passengers do not miss their flights. The SnoozeCubes are also sound-proof.

Now I want to go just to try these things.

SnoozeCube official website



  1. fkra wayd 7lwa w wayd sma3t 3anha .. bs ma adry lish ma tt6aba8 bkil elma6arat..
    l2ana shakil musafren eltranzate w ohom mnsd7in bl krasy mo shakil m6ar..


    • I agree. Well now that DXB has it. it will spread into all major airports around the world in the next few months/years. Hopefully Kuwait included.


    • I know it’s very tempting. specially when you just went off a plane all tired and bored hehe


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