First Man Ever To Drive a Honda For 1 Million Miles

Joe LoCicero, a mechanic from Maine/USA, has become the first documented driver to record a million miles on a car’s Honda’s odometer. He made the accomplishment with his 1990 Honda accord which he had been driving since 1996 (he bought the car used with 74,000 miles on its odometer)

One million miles is the equal to almost 1,600,000 Km. Which is almost x4 times the distance from earth to moon (384,403 km/238,857 miles).

When the folks at Honda heard about Joe. They decided to throw a surprise parade for him. With cheerleaders, marching bands, dancers rolling tires down the street and carrying over-sized photos of him, and a plane that flew overhead carrying a banner that said “Way to Go Joe!”

As a conclusion.. They had Miss Maine USA deliver him his prize.. a brand new 2012 Honda Accord, cobalt blue color. Just like his old car.

Cute reaction from Honda. But it’s just a marketing scheme after all.

See photos of the parade on Honda’s website



    • Read other articles on the same news piece. Apparently it’s the first Honda to reach a million miles odometer. Not the first car ever though.


  1. smart move from Honda, this is a proof that their car is capable of running for 1,000,000 miles and still work


    • That’s exactly why they made all this parade. They wanted people to talk about it.


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