Beware Of Some Small Businesses

A couple of days ago I spotted a top that I liked being sold through a Small business that I follow on Facebook. I left a comment asking about the price. It was 48KD.

Now the issue is.. I have seen this same top being sold on Asos -an international online shopping website- and I remembered seeing it. I went onto the online website and searched until I found it. Guess what the original price turned out to be?

£60.00 = 26.500 KD

This isn’t the first time I notice this with a small business. Many of them just buy merchandise from online websites and sell them for double the price. This one didn’t even bother having a new photo shoot for the products and used the same photos from the original website.

When you buy something from a small business. Don’t just pay and think it must be worth the money. Make sure of the brand, quality, and fabrics used . In other words, if you don’t think the piece looks expensive, it probably isn’t.



  1. Small Businesses ???
    you should check X-Cite … Eureka … or even Starbucks 😛
    its kuwait’s Messed up economy …


    • lol Couldn’t agree more. If the big retailers do it. Small businesses wouldn’t be any better.


  2. Please allow me 2 add 1 more thing, those small businesses you mentioned, when you order from them you have 2 wait for 10-14days untill it get delivered, so its not even ready to collect or delivered. fa makhtheen dabal else3er 3alfathee! a6leb 7ag roo7e wan6er wayed abrak lol


    • True. Some of the pieces they sell are only by order. Which means they really are taking full advantage of people who are unaware of online shopping websites. That’s not business that’s cheating in my opinion.


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