Omar Al-Sharif Assaults Woman At Qatar Film Festival

79-year old actor Omar Al-Sharif lost his temper yesterday at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Qatar. Assaulting a woman right on the red carpet. What I’m seeing is that the woman kept nagging for a photo with the actor over and over, despite the fact that he told her he will get to her after being done with some other fans.

News articles are referring to the  incident as a “slap”. But I don’t see any actual slap. It was an out-of-anger gesture gone wrong. The woman apologizes and poses with Al-Sharif, all smiles.

He still over-reacted in my opinion. If it wasn’t for the woman’s calm reaction the situation would’ve gotten worse. I can’t imagine myself in such a situation and still react like she did. I probably would’ve unconsciously hit him right back lol.

On a side note. I like the other woman in the video. The one wearing purple. She was the one to handle the situation. And he seemed to have pulled himself together just as she stepped in.



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