Spotted: Range Rover 2013 Testing In Dubai Desert

Two 2013 Range Rover SUVs were spotted in a desert near Dubai along with a current Range Rover Vogue. There seems to be some changes to the car’s design. The edges will be more rounded. LED daytime running lights will be added. And the interior will be more spacious and full of gadgets. It will also have a reduced weight with a less 500Kg, making the total weight approximately 2000Kg.

The new Range Rover will be revealed next March at the Geneva motor show, hitting the markets in summer 2012.



  1. Its great that they are starting to test such cars in the gulf to make sure they withstand the hot weather.


    • Sure. The hot gulf weather is probably the biggest challenge for such manufacturers.


  2. The thing is that these cars where never ment to go in the desert I dont say that they are not good in the desert but every one I know who has a range rover either it was the range rover vouge or the range rover sport tell me the same thing that after they went offroading in the desert in there range rovers they started have many problems in their cars, Even if they repaired there cars warrenty it will keep braking down agin and again because sand will get in many critical compartments of the car, Besides all that if Land rover really wanted to test there cars in the gruelling heat of the middle east they would have tested them at june to august where tempratures will be around 44 to 49 degree celsius not know in october and december where the temprature is around 14 to 25 degree celsius, For example the nissan patrol was tested in the summer to really push the car to its limits not like Land rover who test there cars in the winter because they know that if they tested the car there it might burn from the heat and then the reputation of the car will be crashed.


    • Hmm I don’t really have much info. about how Range Rovers perform in the desert. But according to what you said, maybe that’s exactly why they are testing it? Trying to fix these problems?


  3. But if Land rover really wanted to test there cars and put them to there limits they would have tested it in the desert in summer where the tempratures are around 44 to 49 degree celsius not now at winter where the tempratures are from 14 to 25 degree celsius, If they came to test there cars in the summer I would honestly thought that they really are trying to improve there cars but they are testing there cars in the winter of the United Arab Emirates so whats the point of that.


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