Kuwaiti Documentary Film: Fearless Encounters

Fearless Encounters is a new Kuwaiti documentary that was shot 20 years ago during the Iraqi invasion, but was never edited until 2011.

The film honors the Kuwaiti Oil Firefighting Team. Shot by Kuwaiti filmmaker Talal Showaish-Salem , who spent 6 weeks with the team taping their heroic efforts in putting out the the infernos of the oil fields. The movie shows an inside look that was never shown before.

I got tears in my eyes watching how it was. The black sky and the blazing fires. It’s just an evil scene.

Fearless Encounters will be coming soon to Cinescape theaters in Kuwait. It surely is a must-watch.



  1. i remember in 1991 winter we used to open the lights at 2 pm coz the black smoke blocked the sun & when it rain the drops were oily black “literally”
    i’m personally honored to be working with 7 people from this team at the moment
    thnx for sharing D


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