Got My RedBull Snapped Membership Card

The Red Bull Snapped website has been launched a while ago and registration has been opened. The website is basically a place for photography lovers to upload photos they snap at different Red Bull events and share them with everyone. So I registered and got my membership card a few days ago (only one box is mine, the other is for Halloum). The card will enable me to have access to the VIP zone during Red Bull events in order to take better photos.

The card came in a very cute box. Shaped like a camera lens. I love the idea.



    • I don’t know really :s Did you register when the website first launched? Or later?


    • Stiggy, the team has been trying to reach you with no luck 😦 your card has been laying in my office for a while. Will give you a call on Monday to arrange the delivery 🙂


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