Girl Proposes To Guy In Egypt And Gets Rejected

I’m not sure if this is real. But in case it was, I don’t know what the girl expected. He obviously doesn’t take her seriously.

What about you guys? Would you freak out and run if a girl in a white dress came running after you? 😛



  1. Well actually it depends on who is the girl proposing
    If she was Kate Beckinsale or Scarlett Johanson I won’t be running aways for sure 🙂 otherwise I will freak out and run like a bat out of hell 🙂


  2. OMG
    I stopped watching when she went down on the ground..
    This is so wrong on so many levels lol
    Not commenting on the video itself but A Guy goes after a girl not the opposite, call me old fashioned but that’s how I roll & I believe if a girl came to me that way will lose 99% of my respect immediately, the remaining 1% will be lost while watching her leaving lol


    • Ya her voice is so annoying.

      She said (dated for a couple of times ) that’s why she is proposing !!!!!!!!

      My advice to this poor dude RUN MAN RUN RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN FOR UR LIFE CARZY bride on the loose :p


    • lol I can actually hear the sound of that laugh while reading your comment 😛


  3. PRetty smart!!! I bought it.. till I stalked them on youtube (don’t ask ;P ) and found out that she’s a social media student doing a project on viral videos and this was her experiment. Check it out!

    Smart asses!


    • LOL some good detective work you have here. They are smart then. The girl was really into it but the only thing that made me suspect it was the guy’s reaction. But still mostly I bought it 🙂


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