Al-Hamra Tower Light Show Celebration

Such a disappointment. Way overly-advertised. I don’t see what the fuss was all about. Yes sure they got LED lights into every glass panel in the building. But what I saw yesterday was anything but impressive.

Judge for yourself.. And by the way the music you hear in the video is the work of the video uploader. There were no music at the actual thing.


  1. LED Light fitting not into every glass panel. also you watch the Lighting Show is so close to the building,this the big mistake for everyone that night. the best location is in gulf road.

    I suguest you seat in friday resturant. through the glass , have a diner with u friend (girl of boy) , just take a look , you will have a different filling,

    here not Dubai, HOngkong, the Al Hamra Tower LED lighting just give the city some different night.

    what we need more?

    the LED light from china,


    • I actually watched the event from the area recommended by the Al-Hamra officials themselves. And I did also watch it from afar. Still wasn’t impressed 🙂


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