Coverage: The Kuwait vs. Lebanon Match

In short words.. it was a mess.

Nothing was different from last time. People with tickets ended outside the stadium not being able to go in. Whenever we tried to go inside the man at every gate directed us to a different entrance. After nearly 40 minutes of going back and forth between gates and finally reaching the correct one we were told the VIP area was full. So we ended up on normal seats. But given the fact that it was already very late, the only seats left were in a very bad location of course, the first row right behind the goalkeeper. And after everything the game turned out to be very boring. We left before the end of first half.

Sorry Viva. I don’t think anything was your fault. But football matches seem to be beyond your control.

Final score Lebanon 1 – 0 Kuwait.

Hard luck Kuwait. Congrats to Lebanon.

On a side note.. Should this be allowed?..



    • I should’ve listened to you from the beginning. But had to try for myself 😛


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