Graphic Warnings On Cigarette Packs Approved In Kuwait

Graphic picture warnings like the ones you see in the image above are going to be put on cigarette packs in Kuwait (and throughout the GCC) starting August 2012.

This decision follows several other approved measures by the GCC to cut down smoking in the countries. These include raising cigarette prices, increasing customs duty on tobacco imports, and banning smoking in public places.

Smokers are up to some suffering then. I say you quit now and save yourselves the trouble 😛



  1. Even though I’m not a smoker and I don’t encourage smoking, but I’m totally against this “strategy” of trying to scare smokers into stopping, mainly because it doesn’t work. And its highly inappropriate for a product to have graphic images on it, regardless of the reasons.


    • Well it is a disturbing view to see I agree. But maybe at least it would scare the kids away.


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