Versace For H&M Contest: Deadline Extended

Since the contest started two days ago and I have been getting the same comment from several friends; deadline is too soon. So I made some changes to how this contest will go..

1. The new deadline for submitting your photos is Today Tuesday midnight.

2. There will be no voting in the contest (due to lack of time). Neither will I be involved in the judging process. The winners will be chosen exclusively by my glamorous guest judge Confashions from Kuwait

3. Winners will be announced on Wednesday evening.

4. There will be a SURPRISE when announcing the final winners! Let’s just say that not only 2 winners will be happy at the end of this contest 😉

I hope this is a change to the better. On the other hand, I will be publishing the submissions that I already got throughout the day, so stay tuned 🙂

The original Contest post: CONTEST: Win An Invitation To The Versace For H&M Exclusive Shopping Event!



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