Failaka Trip Part-2: The Hotel

Heading to the hotel, we saw many old buildings. It was very interesting and scary at the same time. Like we went back to the 80’s, in a haunted town lol.

The hotel is part of the “Heritage Village”. It contains many facilities and cafes. An old souk, a museum, a miniature golf course, giant chess play area, multiple kids play areas, a zoo, a lake, and a restaurant.. Just to name a few.

This is the gate to the Heritage Village, the building on the right is the museum. To the left is the reception..

A closer look, the museum and the old souk..

The reception. We checked in then headed to the hotel, which is a different building 3 minutes away (on foot).

This is the map of the Heritage Village. You can click on it and have a clearer view..

“Ikaros” hotel..

I love this garden inside. It was perfect when we stayed awake late at night. The outside cafes are too scary in the dark. So hanging out inside feels safer. And it’s very well-ventilated as well. It was actually colder inside than outside.

The doors you see around the garden are the rooms.

The dizzy-stairs. Like a friend calls it 😛

Our room..Forgot to take photos of inside though.

The hotel’s backyard. A swimming pool and some table sets for anyone who would like to sit there. I would’ve tried it but we kind of discovered the table sets on our last day there..

The outdoor cafe that we spent most of our time at..

Here are the different cafes, one for saj, one for drinks, and a Baskin Robbins..

Seriously, a REAL Baskin Robins, with ice-cream and everything 😛

The restaurant..Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets everyday..

The food was very decent. tasted good. And most importantly, everything was very clean. I did not spot even one bug either in the hotel room or in the restaurant. The whole place was actually above my expectations.

Still many photos to come 🙂

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  1. I was planning on going to Failka island but didn’t get the chance, lovely pictures and coverage, thank you 😀


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