Coverage: Red Bull Art Of Motion @ Cinema Laila

I probably didn’t mention this before, but my trip to Failaka was actually with the team of Red Bull. What were they doing in Failaka? Well they have brought the best Free-running & parkour athletes from all over the world, gathered them in the island, provided each team a car and a film crew, and gave them 36 hours to film themselves doing free-running and parkour in any locations they choose. The movies they filmed and edited were all scheduled to be screened last night Nov. 19 in Cinescape Laila.

There were 5 teams with 5 films. Each team had 4 members. I should also mention that there were 3 Kuwaiti athletes in this competition, Yousif Al-Attar, Mohammad Al-Attar, and Abdulmohsen Al-Roumi. They were just as talented as the others mashallah.

As soon as you walked in you would see a big poster with portraits of all the participating athletes. They come from a variety of countries; USA, Mexico, Australia, Thailand, Britain, France, and many more.

The athletes then started arriving. Each team in their car.


Posing for a group picture before the screening starts..

We went inside and the screening started after a short speech by one of the organizers.

The teams were named after the islands of Kuwait. Boubyan, Qaroh, Warbah, Miskan, and Kubbar.

The 5 movies were all great. The athletes turned out to be really good. And the movie editing was nice.

After we watched all the movies. It was time for the winners to be chosen by the athletes themselves. Each one of them voted for their favorite, while not being allowed to vote for their own team of course.

While waiting for the voting to finish. The host interviewed some of the athletes and asked about what the experience had felt like. They pointed out the beauty of Failaka, being an ex-war zone and having that much history. A feeling we share actually. It was kind of moving seeing all the damage and the old buildings with bullets holes all around.

Before announcing the final winners, there was the “Sickest Move Award”. Which went to Vinnie Coryell (right), who got 50% of the athletes’ votes..

Announcing the winners..

3rd place, team Miskan..

2nd place, team Qaroh..

And 1st place, team Warbah.

I might have mixed up between the team names.Please let me know if I did 😛

The 1st place winners got a trophy and a prize of 900 Euros each. Congrats!

I wasn’t able to find the final films on the Art of Motion website. But you can watch many raw footage before editing here


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