Failaka Trip Part-3: The Zoo & The Lake

The zoo is another part of the Heritage village that I spoke of in my previous post. The animals were adorable. There were deers, monkeys, chickens, peacocks, goats, and geese.

The part of the cage you see to the right is the monkey cage.

Absolutely beautiful..

A curious chicken..

Baby goat..

All the previous animals were in one big fenced area. Apart from the monkeys cage. I didn’t go near those. I have issues with monkeys. You can say I dislike them a lot lol.

Across from the zoo, there was the lake..

We were planning on going for a ride in the boats/kayaks but the gate to the lake was locked. Tried to find the staff member who works there but no luck for us. So we left. I really really wanted to try the kayak 😦

Oh well, maybe it’s something to try in my next visit.

I adore this photo..

Not done yet. Still have a lot to show you 😀

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Random Photos From Failaka Island

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